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Why should I buy a business?

There is no greater personal satisfaction than having a thriving business and knowing that you were responsible for its success. Becoming an owner lets you set the quality of care and level of client service and opens opportunities for significant financial achievement.

The increased income from being an owner can give you freedom from educational debt. Building a business with tremendous equity and net worth can let you take charge of your financial future.

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How can NPBA help me?

Buying a business may be the largest, most complex, yet most rewarding financial transaction of your life. Teaming with a professional broker to act as intermediary and guide can help you avoid potentially expensive missteps.

Whether you’re looking for a retail, restaurant, mixed, or large-scale business, NPBA guides you through every step of the buying process, from identifying the right fit for you, to providing sample closing contracts and connecting you with lenders.


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