Curt Biller, Owner – Northern Plains Business Advisors

If you are looking to buy a business you need to not only understand the operational and financial metrics of the potential business, but equally important is to understand its culture. Culture, simply put, is the commonly held set of values and principles that show up in the everyday behaviors of the people. It is also important to understand who the key influencers of the current culture are.

By understanding the current culture, its norm and behaviors practiced through its employees you will understand what makes the organization tick, and whether it is in alignment with your vision. Buying a business with a strong positive culture should be viewed equal to its financial opportunities in your consideration.

Culture Challenges

Successful businesses know the power of developing a successful culture. A positive culture not only unifies and enhances employee satisfaction but reduces turnover and increases productivity. But the greatest benefit is the positive effect that it has on your customer. It differentiates you by means of your most valuable assets, your people.  Culture cannot be delegated; it is a leadership function that requires your daily attention.

We’re Here to Help

Northern Plains Business Advisors has the talent and expertise to not only help you find the right business, but we will help you understand the current culture of the business you want to buy, and then provide you with the tools to develop an even stronger culture for the future.