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The team at Northern Plains Business Advisors are business owners themselves. Each has benefited from a lifetime’s experience of the ups and downs of business operations across a wide scope of industries: retail, restaurant, real estate, consulting, communications, service, among others.

This experience gives NPBA first-hand perspective on just about any type of industry and situation that comes into its purview.

Team Approach

NPBA associates work collectively to sell your business. We customize selling teams to bring you the expertise needed for your situation.


Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Our network of third-party professionals supplementary to the buying and selling of businesses streamlines the selling process. We regularly interact among trusted professionals in banking, accounting, legal, business development, and real estate industries. Our network helps identify qualified buyers, financial resources, and many other assets to assist in making the sale of your business efficient while optimizing sales revenue.


Our Specialties

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  • Listing Services (sellers & buyers)
  • Valuations & Appraisals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Development
  • Business Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Real Estate
  • Financing


Comprehensive Services

  • ​The story of — what you need to do to prepare to maximize business value (Business Development),
  • Get ready to sell (Confidential Listing Services),
  • Know what your business is worth (Valuations & Appraisals),
  • Get the most for your sale (buyer networks, financing)

One source!!

Real Estate

Business sales often include real estate. A NPBA owner is real estate licensed keeping your transaction intact and processed by professionals with the proper credentials.


 Providing access to capital is a priority for NPBA. Financing a business purchase can be complicated and multi-dimensional. NPBA counsels your buyer and introduces them to funding sources that can simplify financing.

Listing Services (Buyers & Sellers)

 Our confidential listing services allow you to plan your next move, whether buying or selling, without the disadvantages of more public listings. Our confidential process helps you maintain the value of your business, the loyalty of your team, and the confidence of your lenders and vendors.

Valuations & Appraisals

Knowing the true value of your business is the most important aspect of preparing it for sale. NPBA is certified in business valuations and appraisals and can get your business sale off to its best start by discovering its true value through our valuation process.

Business Development

 Your business may be your most valuable asset. NPBA’s Business Development services help you reach its optimal value. Our services bring value to your business whether preparing for a future sale (12 to 24 mos.) or simply getting the most out of it today: operations, personnel, financial management, physical plant, etc.

Buy a Business

Make Your Own Opportunities

Becoming a business owner allows you to be in charge of your future, but the decision to buy a business is an involved process. We help you find the right business and connect you with the resources you’ll need to close the deal and get off to a great start.

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